BloggyPedia is owned and operated by me, Terra Walker. I decided to create BloggyPedia, because I saw so many people struggling to sift through the information on the World Wide Web. On this site, and in the Write Away! Social Media & Blogging Group, I break down blogging, marketing, and social media in terms you can understand.

Who is this Terra person, anyway?

Terra Walker in 2015 - Publicity photo shoot in Boulder COI’m glad you asked, my new Web Friend! I am a former marketing and public relations professional who thought it would be a great idea to drop everything and become an instructor and freelance writer.

I began blogging in 2002, when it made sense for my then-budding marketing career. I was still working as the  marketing coordinator for Big Telecom, when my boss got busted for insider trading and caused everyone to lose their jobs. Imagine trying to find a job after that. I decided to go it on my own, and work in the music industry. After about 6 successful years, the market crashed, and nobody wanted to pay for services anymore. Still, I managed to hang by a thread, teach classes, and pick up contracts for web design (my least-favorite skill).

As life is prone to do, things happened, and I ended up dropping everything to pursue a lucrative career in technical and ghost writing. It wasn’t, but it helped me reacquaint myself with one of my dream jobs as a freelance instructor. So, here I am, helping you with your blogging.

In case you’re curious, my other dream jobs include full-time food blogger, and full-time marketing professional. I still get to do those things on the daily, but I digress.

I am an early-adopter to all things tech, and I absolutely live for helping people find the way to their why. On this site, I will help you focus on how to get where you’re going in this often-noisy blogging world. I know how it feels to be lost, and I found my way when blogging wasn’t yet a “thing”.

If you need a knowledgeable space to ask some questions, and a little help getting back on track, this site is for you!

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Enjoy your time here, and if you any questions, comments, or concerns, just Contact Me. I love hearing from you!

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