WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Wordpress Keyboard Shortcuts - FREE PRINTABLE

Something nifty about WordPress are its awesome keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts slice editing and formatting time more-than in half. It’s a blessing on the busy days, when you can’t seem to check even one thing off the TO-DO list. I have made this into a printable form, so that you can keep one nearby for easy access. Just click here, or scroll to the bottom and click the pic to get the printable. Default shortcuts, … Learn More

Must-Have Plugins to Make Your Website AMP Ready

By now you’ve probably noticed AMP posts on your favorite mobile aggregator. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and is a stripped-down version of your blog posts that Google serves to the mobile community. In order to get yours ready, these are the essential plugins that allow you to not only serve your pages to Google’s AMP engine, but also add social sharing and AdSense features to those pages. AMP for WordPress – Makes your … Learn More

Change Facebook Page Settings

Change Facebook Page Settings Type Vanity URL

Facebook can be overwhelming, and confusing in where it puts settings for pages.  Below are the most common settings changes you’ll need to make. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, shoot me a note and I’ll add the instructions. Change Templates, Add & Remove Tabs Head to your Facebook fan page. Click on Settings. Click Edit Page (on the left sidebar). Make changes and click save. Change Page Type, Add Vanity URL* If you … Learn More

FREE Plugins Every WordPress Blog Should Have

Top 12 Must-Have Plugins for your WordPress Website

WordPress continues to be the best blogging platform, and their plugins’ creators continually outdo themselves, always making something better than it was the time before. If you’re like me, you love to have as much automated as possible, so that everything runs smoothly. These plugins will help you streamline your blogging experience, so you can focus on creating and not futzing around with other things. Sidenote: I try to keep my plugins to a minimum, … Learn More

Facebook’s Text Delight Animations

BloggyPedia - Facebook Text Delight Animations

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but if you haven’t, there’s a fantastic and fun feature on Facebook that animates certain words after you type them – and also by clicking on them after they’re published. I decided to make a list of the words that are activated with Text Delight, and what they do. I think these are so fun. As of this publishing, there are only 6 different animations. I am including the … Learn More

Migrate Your Site To Self-Hosted

Click on Appearance

Congratulations on moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. If you’re NOT migrating, and are starting fresh, you need to read about Starting From Scratch. If you are here to move your things to a better place, let’s get started! Step .5: Export Your Blog Content Since you’re already writing content, all you need to do is head to your dashboard and export your blog. It will download as a .xml file. Don’t lose this file. Click … Learn More