Change Facebook Page Settings

Change Facebook Page Settings Type Vanity URL

Facebook can be overwhelming, and confusing in where it puts settings for pages.  Below are the most common settings changes you’ll need to make. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, shoot me a note and I’ll add the instructions. Change Templates, Add & Remove Tabs Head to your Facebook fan page. Click on Settings. Click Edit Page (on the left sidebar). Make changes and click save. Change Page Type, Add Vanity URL* If you … Learn More

Facebook’s Text Delight Animations

BloggyPedia - Facebook Text Delight Animations

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but if you haven’t, there’s a fantastic and fun feature on Facebook that animates certain words after you type them – and also by clicking on them after they’re published. I decided to make a list of the words that are activated with Text Delight, and what they do. I think these are so fun. As of this publishing, there are only 6 different animations. I am including the … Learn More