Instructions for Weekly Plan Sheet

This is how I have found is the best way to use the Weekly Plan Sheet, but if there’s a way that works better for you, feel free to use that one.

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  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils – whichever you feel most comfortable writing a schedule in
  • Highlighters – different colors (I use Frixion Soft Colors)


  1. Print Weekly Plan Sheet
  2. Add the times to the side, if you printed a blank sheet
  3. Highlight the time that’s already taken and write in by what. Some things to block off here are hours you already work, yoga classes, morning and evening routines that already exist. For example, if you are employed outside your home, mark off those hours each week, because that’s time that’s already in use. Same with Laundry, kids’ bedtimes and soccer games, etc.
  4. In a different color, pick some time ( at least 30-60 minutes) just for you to use. This can be reading a book or going to the beach to relax. It’s important that you include this, and that you not use it for anything work or family related. Do this 3-5 times per week.
  5. In another color, block out an hour each day for education, and use this time to learn something new. This can be how to draw, or how to best use Pinterest. This time is meant for you to grow your brains. Don’t use this for luxury.
  6. In yet another color, block in 2-4 family hours each week. If you are single, like the website owner, make this time to call your parents and siblings, or catch up with friends.
  7. Notice how much time you have left over.
  8. Schedule your productivity outside your regular working day time in the empty spaces.
  9. Stick to your schedule as much as you are able.

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