Social Media & Blogging Virtual Assistant

I’m a blogger, just like you. I get it, it takes a ton of work to get your blog up and running. It takes more hours than you have or want to spare to make your blog or social profiles soar like the space station. That’s where I come in. Not only am I super-active on all the social media platforms, I understand in-depth how they work.  I know what it takes to move mountains in the social spheres, and I’m here as a virtual assistant to help you.

What can I do for you?

  • I can monitor all, a few, or 1 social platform and leverage authentic growth and interaction, facilitating success and an increase in income for you.
  • Pinterest graphics (GIMP/Canva).

  • Roundup posts. You can choose from

    • Links
    • Links & images
    • Links & descriptions
    • Links w/ images & descriptions
  • Share/follow threads
  • Blog Comments
  • Facebook Page Post Scheduling
  • I can get in contact with brands for you, taking that scary first-step in establishing a relationship between you an them.

All services are al a carte and available by the month, with a minimum 60-day contract to start. Prices dependent on how much control and interaction you want me to have, and are quotes on a per-month basis. Fill out the form below with as much detail as you can, so that we can get going on your projects ASAP.

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