WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Something nifty about WordPress are its awesome keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts slice editing and formatting time more-than in half. It’s a blessing on the busy days, when you can’t seem to check even one thing off the TO-DO list. I have made this into a printable form, so that you can keep one nearby for easy access. Just click here, or scroll to the bottom and click the pic to get the printable.

Default shortcuts, Ctrl + letter:

Letter Action Letter Action
u Underline b Bold
i Italic x Cut
c Copy v Paste
a Select all z Undo
y Redo

Additional shortcuts, Shift + Alt + letter:

Letter Action Letter Action
1 Heading 1 2 Heading 2
3 Heading 3 4 Heading 4
5 Heading 5 6 Heading 6
7 Paragraph q Blockquote
d Strikethrough x Code
c Align center r Align right
l Align left j Justify
u Bulleted list o Numbered list
m Insert/edit image s Remove link
z Toolbar Toggle t Insert Read More tag
p Insert Page Break tag w Distraction-free writing mode
h Keyboard Shortcuts

When starting a new paragraph with one of these formatting shortcuts followed by a space, the formatting will be applied automatically. Press Backspace or Escape to undo.

* Bulleted list 1. Numbered list
- Bulleted list 1) Numbered list

The following formatting shortcuts are replaced when pressing Enter. Press Escape or the Undo button to undo.

> Blockquote
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5
###### Heading 6
--- Horizontal line

Focus shortcuts:

Alt + F8 Inline toolbar (when an image, link or preview is selected)
Alt + F9 Editor menu (when enabled)
Alt + F10 Editor toolbar
Alt + F11 Elements path

To move focus to other buttons use Tab or the arrow keys. To return focus to the editor press Escape or use one of the buttons.


Wordpress Keyboard Shortcuts - FREE PRINTABLE

Click the graphic to grab your free printable!

Don’t forget to ask me your questions, or let me know what information you’re looking for. I can only grow if I know.

Wordpress Keyboard Shortcuts - FREE PRINTABLE


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